Recreation & Sporting Activities

Recreation & Sporting Activities at the Club

The Havelock North Club has a number of recreation & sporting activities on offer, enabling groups to meet up and share their passion with fellow members.

Our current range of activities are:

  • Snooker – every Tuesday night at 7pm and every Wednesday at 1.00pm. Five tables available (50c light fee).
  • Indoor Bowls – every Tuesday night at 7pm
  • 8-Ball – two tables on-site for your enjoyment (free)
  • Darts-two boards
  • Sport – two matches annually against other Clubs.
  • Golf – our members meet up to play, and also travel to attend tournaments held at other Clubs.
  • Fishing & Shooting – two events organised each year

Community Groups also meet regularly at the Club, including Rummikub, Friendship Club & IIA Meetings

The Havelock North Garden Club meets once a month, please contact Linda Wong Ph: 06 877 5085 for further information

Contact us to find out more.